Today I hate…

Today I hate people,
Because my face has pimples.

Today I hate Twitter,
Because all I want is to be bitter.

Today I hate Blackberry,
Because I’m tired of sounding merry.

Today I hate the rain,
Cause Charlie can’t poop and I’m in pain.

Today I hate Facebooking,
Cause it’s all I’m doing instead of cooking.

Today I hate the world,
Because I’m having a fucking bloody flow.

14 thoughts on “Today I hate…”

  1. ky: i can’t draw on bamboo as demonstrated at your home b4 -_-

    gin: harhhh laugh so hard…u dont have one ah?

    niki: all you apple fans -_-

    st: LMAOOOOOOOO it’s does!

    michaelooi: art is subjective. make your own decision…

    mell: more graphic when i actually do it

  2. i recommend “the moon inside you”
    maybe with some women help you’ll finally love your fucking bloody flow.

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