My favourite cendol in the world.

I love cendol more than ais kacang. Whenever I go to Malacca, there’s one place that I definitely won’t miss, because it has the most awesomesauce cendol in the whole wide world.

The place is called Jonker88.

First of all, my apologies for my dreadful style of blogging – completely devoid of charisma and my usual banter sort off. I have successfully exhausted all creativity and energy into work. So I’m just going to be simple, succinct and straightforward.

Jonker88 is awesomesauce to the max.

# Jonker88.

It’s the home to a quaint stall that sells all kinds of ice shaving goodies and of course the ultimate cendol.

# The menu.

The stall is operated by a middle-aged lady and boy is she fast. I never really had to queue for more than a minute even at its busiest time.

# The proprietor and her assistant.

The cendols they sell are a class of its own. The gula melaka (palm sugar) they use is thick, sticky and very fragrant. The way it becomes chewy upon contact with the ice shaving is unlike anything I’ve tasted in my life. Other cendols that use watered down palm sugar just pale in comparison to Jonker88’s cendol.

I mean, just check out this beauty!

# Sticky, gooey gula melaka drizzled all over the coconut-cream soaked ice-shavings with bouncy cendol and red beans buried underneath.

The atmosphere of the place is also something worth noting. Housed in an old Baba Nyonya house converted into a restaurant cum art gallery, eating there is like travelling back in time.

# The beautiful converted Baba Nyonya traditional house.

It remains to be seen whether I’ll find any other cendol that could match the one from Jonker88. I really don’t care, I hope it sticks around forever.

# Nom nom nom.

Jonker88 also has another stall that sells delicious looking assortment of laksa noodles. I’ve never tried it, but I heard they are pretty good too.

Jonker Dessert 88
88, Jalan Hang Jebat,
75200 Melaka

11 thoughts on “My favourite cendol in the world.”

  1. hey, this is my 1st time posting on your blog after reading your blog for years. for tis post, i seriously can’t tahan to say something as a malacca. i think the bukit rambai cendol is worth a try if you haven’t. it’s further from town and open only on sat and sun fr 1pm – 4pm but i felt it totally best giler! =) i would super recommend it la =)

  2. omg omg omg… kim you wanna kill me issit??? damn… I’m dying for this awesomesause cendol nao!!!!!!!!!! >.<
    yeah.. this my fav cendol place also!!!!!!

  3. It’s definitely a nice place to eat, but to find a place to sit is abit troublesome lar, because it’s always pack with people. Hmm, can definitely have some right now.

  4. suanie: jom go melaka soon!

    ky: me too!

    eric: it’s always packed :D

    boo: hehehehe i know what you mean!

    st: agreeee

    sue: love to try that out! thx for the heads up :)

    sotong: hehehe jom la go melaka soon

    jd: i find it ok actually, ppl don’t hang out for a long time. after finish food will leave :)

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