Manic Monday.

Friends and I modelled for my college for some annual Sin Jiew Jit Pou’s college directory or something. No, I didn’t get paid. Yes, it was fun. Catwalk down the corridor *snap* *snap* Pretend like you’re having intelligent conversations *snap* *snap* Pretend like you’re doing advanced physics *snap* *snap*. I even looked slim in the previews, so yeah…it was good. Chances are that I’d never get to see those photos published. Sin Jiew? Mak oi mane aku tau bile nak beli?

Had fillet-o-fish for lunch. Not enough. Then decided to get a Happy Meal for the fried drumstick. Got a Disney Genie’s dumb.

Burger and drumstick caloric value incinerated during the course of walking down a flight of stairs across a huge parking space to my car to retrieve my books and belongings then walking back across the huge parking space and up the stairs and down the hill to the library and then walking back up the hill down the flight of stairs and across the huge parking area to my car.

Anyone who uses the Edinburg Crossroad would know how notorious the jam is. From Jalan Istana towards the city, especially at the curve. After an eternity of jam, I was only 4 cars away to freedom. Then this stupid marthafarker in front of me decided to stop and change lane when the light turned green. Why didn’t he bloody change the lane 30 or so cars before? Fucker. So there I was stuck behind him until the damn thing turned red and I had to wait for 3 freakin’ turns again.

They are idiots who cause traffic jam. And I don’t bloody understand those peeps with manual cars. They always ALWAYS stall at the traffic lights. Hello? It’s the 21st century! Get a damn automatic moron. And give me a breather from those stupid shit about manual cars have more ‘power’. BLERKS. You’re not driving a bloody Maserati, ok? Get real.

And it’s only Monday. Argh.

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