Happy birthday baby.

Currently watching the fight between Rustam Alakev of Russia and Ghulam of Afghanistan at All Asia Open Kyokushin-kan Karate in Cheras Badminton Stadium. Gripping!

Today is also the birthday of G, the love of my life. Unfortunately we’re both working today…me doing the PR/events and him the official photographer. Hopefully in a couple of hours after work we could do something special.

They say a couple should never work together but in my case, G is the best photographer I’ve ever worked with. His pictures are always brilliant and most importantly, relevant to the project. I never needed to crop or sharpen or colour correct any of his picture. Only when I use his pictures that I’m confident with securing media coverage for my projects.

Anyway, today may not be his best birthday (he has never worked on his birthday before) but I’m sure he’s happy that he’s got me around. Hehe :)

Happy birthday baby boo.

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