Weird names

Is it me or is really difficult to find real wraparound dress? By real I mean a dress you have to tie up to secure it and not stitched together to make it looks like it’s tied up.


# – Side profile.

# – Front profile.

Unfortunately, my one and only wraparound dress is not fitting so well anymore.

It’s kinda crazy for me to say this but I think this dress needs a bit of curve to wear. I think I looked better in it when I had more meat.

I haven’t lost weight but I am growing shapeless. They say you shrink as you get older, I think that is what’s happening to me.

I look like a freaking oak tree trunk…I wanna look like a bonsai gawdamit! I wanna be all curvy and shit.

Anyway, dress from Nichii. Shoes from Bangkok. Bag from ri2k.


Seriously,  I have no idea what to talk about. So, am just going to regurgitate.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have named their new born girl, North West.

Well done! They said they’re going to just call her Nori. My question is, why not just name her Nori then?

There’s this case of child naming that I read in the book Freakonomics that I will always remember. This mother named her sons Lemonjello and Orangejello.

It was an innocent, but no less hilarious mistake by an uneducated mother because she pronunced her sons names as the vaguely italian sounding, “Lur-munn-jer-low” and “Oar-ran-jer-low”.

I guess some people can’t help it that their parents were high on something while filling up their birth certificates.

What I am perplexed over though are adults who call themselves things like “Fish” and “Hymen”.


7 thoughts on “Weird names”

  1. I was introduced to a girl named Banana and I am pretty sure she picked that name herself. I was so tempted to introduce myself as Durian. :)

  2. My friend once told me she knew this girl from China who wanted to call herself “Clitoris” cause she thought it sounded nice. But pronounced as clai-toh-rees.

  3. woman… very random but i have one or two MNG wraparound dresses that i’ve not worn before and would probably fit you nicely. you want? give you. taking up space in my wardrobe. haha.

  4. Kimbely,

    A most interesting blog! Your semi-editorial style of writing along with personal observations offer quite the insight, however limited of your life.

    Hollywood types are famous for inventing some truly wierd names for thier children. It must be pointed out that these celebs are not as smart as the characters they portray, for if they put thought into the name for thier children they would know that phsycholgist have studies showing that truly strange names cause problems for the life of children with those names.

    BTW, it took me reading quite a few of your posts before I realized that your car-park is the most oftne used studio for your fashion shots!


    1. Hi David,

      Thanks for dropping a comment! Appreciate it :)

      Can’t agree more on the intellect of some of these celebrities.

      And yeah, I usually take a picture just before heading out hehe


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