The subject of divorce

Even after almost a decade together, I still find myself learning things about my better half.

The day we stop learning about each other is the day we stop caring and that would be the end of our marriage. Just the thought of it is both heartbreaking and inconceivable.

I guess that too would be the day I die.


We had a huge fight recently and broached the subject of D. Before I continue, obviously we have sorted both our grievances out.

Anyway, after we made up, the hubs mentioned that he read something about men earning 17% more after divorce while women 11% less after divorce.

Then he smiled like a troll.

I told him if we ever split up, he better be earning 300% more to spite me because I’d land a stud that would put his net worth to shame.

He asked me how in hell would I be able to do that.

“Well, first I’d get fitter. Then I’d get a subtle nose job. Possibly growing my hair long again cause men love that sort of thing. A new wardrobe of course. All with the money I got from our hypothetical divorce and some extra aiding by my awesome personality.”