Workout time

It is workout time!

We finally found the right treadmill – one that can support my 6′ 5″ husband’s weight, has incline feature and a suspension system.

Delivery was today and I was so excited to go home and try it.

Hubs was giving me live pictorial updates of the entire process….including how they mangled our staircase flooring moving the treadmill up :(

I wish Malaysia has better delivery service. How hard is it to bring tarp or have foams taped to the edges of the item?

Anyway…’s our new toy!

# – I call it, our time machine.

I just did a 20 minute barefoot run.

Scratch that. Running? It was not even brisk walking.

I know cause I googled definition of brisk walking and it is about 6kmh.

I was doing more like 4kmh -_-”

# – My goal was 30 minutes but I hit stop 9 minutes 38 seconds before I keeled over and died. At least I burnt 182 calories!

Live long and prosper.