Fourth day in Bangkok with mom

We have done the markets and street food so on 4th day, we decided to posh it up a little.

Took the train to Siam. Went to Fuji at Siam Centre for a nice Japanese lunch. Over-ordered, naturally.

# – Our lunch.


After lunch, we discovered that there’s a Madame Tussard’s museum in Siam Centre and since neither mom nor me has been to any of the museums; we bought the tickets.

The tour was quite fun actually. I thought I would be bored but it was actually quite surreal to see the wax figures.

They really did look pretty realistic except for a few personalities.

# – Hugh Jackman seems smaller than I had in mind but still too hot for words.

# – Yao Ming is freakishly tall.

# – With my childhood sweetheart, Thomas Cruise Mapother IV.

Must say that I was relieved that Tom is actually quite a lot taller than I had expected. 

# – Discussing putting strategies with my mate, Eldrick.

# – Clooney romancing my mom.

After Madame Tussard’s, we had a mini spree at Boots. Then, we hopped over to Siam Paragon which was filled with Chinese tourists.

By the way, I think it is incredibly thoughtful and considerate of the management to put up makeshift tunnel for patrons to cross the Square at first sign of rain.

# – Makeshift tunnel to shelter patrons from wind and and rain.

We took a cab to Yaowarat or Chinatown for an early dinner. Ate at my favorite restaurant.

# – All these food for only 1000 baht including drinks.

After dinner, we explored Chinatown a little and bought some snacks before heading back to our hotel.

# – Lady making one of my favourite snacks, the “kanom buang”.

Took a cab driven by a badass looking man with the gentlest of demeanor.

How gentle? He got into a sneezing frenzy and apologetically said,”Eh sir cue see kap” :)

In fact, we like him so much, we are going to use him for our trip to the airport.

Once back, we rested for a bit before going for a 2 hour Thai massage at the same place. I am so pleased that we have managed to get a massage in daily for the past 4 days. We have been kneaded all out!

Really enjoyed this trip with my mommy. Glad we are quite the same type of holidaymakers – emphasis on food, shopping, unfussy and playing by ears. Though, she likes to wake me up a lot earlier than I care for hehehe

Can’t believe our holiday is ending :(