Breaking the rule

Going to break the rule. What rule?

Rule of not being whiny and negative. But fuck it, it’s my blog. And whiny and negative I shall be today.

The dark list:

1. Indicators are not decorations on your car. They are for you to tell people where you’re going so they could avoid ramming 1000kg of metal towards you, you fucking dumbass.

2. Respect is earned, not gained with age. Successfully staying alive longer than other people does not equate success…it hasn’t taught you how to treat other people with respect, has it?

3. Emails don’t come with mind-reading capabilities. Think and think again before you hit SEND.

4. Sharing on your public Facebook a “sneak peek” of other people’s months-worth of blood, sweat and tears before it’s supposed to be public is not just rude, you also ought to be fucking sacked.

5. Name dropping. Ah, my favourite. Because that alone sums up the entire value of your self-worth. None.

6. It’s okay to be quiet if you have nothing to contribute. You know what they say about empty vessels.