Found my sea urchin gonad fix

I love sea urchin gonads…or as the japanese calls them – uni. The best uni I have ever had was on a chirashisushi at Tskukiji Market, Tokyo.

Imagine if the sea was made of clotted cream……that was how it tasted like.

Since, I have never tasted anything as close. So I just stopped looking and hope to be able to afford another trip to the land of the rising sun for my fix.

Recently though, at the advice of a friend (hello, Lainie!)….I convinced the husband to get out of the queue for Sushi Zanmai (which I love by the way for their reasonably cheap and decent Japanese fare) in 1 Utama and headed towards Iciro Sushi Bar.

Best decision we have ever made!

Ichiro Sushi Bar is a pretty small restaurant tucked behind the more prominent ramen restaurants in 1 Utama’s Isetan.

No-nonsense decor but still comfortable. We sat at the bar and was met with two Japanese chefs.

We went at an odd hour, so was pleased to have the restaurant all to ourselves. What a great change of environment from the chaotic Sushi Zanmai earlier.

Greeted with an iPad menu, the first thing I ordered….

# – Luscious uni sushi.

So, it did cost RM16 a pop, but they’re so generous with the gonads it’s totally worth it. Still not Tsukiji standard, but pretty damn close. I was truly happy.

We also had several other types of sushi, same generous portions of fresh seafood. Love it!

# – Crab, scallop, salmon roe and fake crabmeat (sorry, that’s my ghetto indulgence).

I ordered a loose sushi (bara chirashi) because I needed MORE rice and also, it was special lunch deal item (can take a girl out of Cheras, can’t take Cheras out of her). What a superb decision I made because it was so delicious!

Mixture of japanese rice, salmon roe, chopped omelette, chopped tuna, chopped salmon, chopped octopus, chopped cucumbers, tobiko, pickles and more uni! Loved it!

# – Bara chirashi.

We also had a roll, which I forgot to take picture of….beautiful! And salmon sashimi, which I also forgot to take picture of :P

Not the cheapest lunch we’ve had, but it’s the kind of place where you’d walk out full, happy and willingly broke. Definitely going back!

Ichiro Sushi Bar
Eat Paradise
2nd Floor, Isetan
1 Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing)
Bandar Utama
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7726 5899
Operating Hours: 11am – 10pm