My kiddie pool

Casual Friday! Put on a dress that’s a tad too sheer in sunlight, so put on leggings too. The key is comfort.

# – Arm down.

# – Arm up.

# – Close-up.

Got the dress from a flea market, probably pre-loved…I’m not too sure. As you have probably noticed, I have no qualms wearing hand-me-downs. Coz you know, I’m ghetto like that.

I think clothings from a certain time in the past have better quality, better fabric you know…more breathable. Stuff these days are pretty but oh my gawd, RM400 for something made entirely out of polyester? WTF?

Hard to find stuff made out of natural fabric nowadays without costing and arm and a leg :(

I’ve put this particular dress through the spinner like a gazillion times and not a single bead has come off. Pretty amazing coz the beading looks quite delicate.

# – Beads around the neck.

# – Beads on the trunk.


Some time ago, I bought a kiddie pool. I also bought an inflatable monkey chair. I didn’t know what use I’d have of them but I knew they would come in handy one day.

I brought the monkey chair to my hen’s night, which turned out to be a hit – because it was just so hilarious to use.

For one, it was impossible to sit on without flipping over head first into water.

# – Epitome of elegance.

But eventually we figured out a way to sit on it stably.

# – Victorious.

As for the kiddie pool….I toyed with the idea of having a ghetto pool party. However, traipsing around in a bikini in full sight of my neighbours didn’t seem like such a great idea.

Anyway, the sun was out today so I decided to give our scuba diving gear a good soak to dissolve all the salt deposits.

While mulling over how to do it quickly and effectively, I was struck by a stroke of genius.

Of course! My kiddie pool!

# – Victorious version 2.

Now the husband can’t say I’m spending too much on stupid things.