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Nice Saturday

Breaking out new stuff from Bangkok…

# – Leg out.

# – Leg crossed.

# – Legs straight.

Peasant top and shorts from Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok. Flats from a market in Hanoi. Bag from Louis Vuitton.


Had a nice day out with hubs doing a spot of shopping and catching up with my old friends.

We first had brunch at this restaurant in TTDI called Pickles & Fig.

They serve gourmet sandwiches mainly and really good smoothies.

# – My very delicious prawn salad ciabatta and goji berry smoothie.

The hubs had a salted beef pastrami with rotkraut which was stupendous. I loveeeee salted beef!

I ordered a prawn salad sandwich which was really good too….springy prawns, fresh crisp alfafa sprouts and confit tomatoes. I had a goji smoothie too…delicious but healthy.

Then we went to the Malaysia International Dive Expo (MIDE) at PWTC. Hunted for cheap and cheerful dive holidays and bought a few hundred ringgit worth of dive accessories (read: unnecessary but nice to have knick-knacks).

# – All we need is an extra dive comp to become an honorary Singaporean.

After that, headed to Pavillion for dinner with my buddies from primary school.

# – With Eric, Jayna and Ying.

I even got an early birthday present from Jayna :D

# – My first birthday present of this year!

Had a great time chatting about everything under the sun, or in this case under the ceiling of restaurant called Athena.

After dinner, we went to the loklok truck in TTDI for supper haha. Weekend so much indulge mah!

Came home and started watching a brand new series – Person of Interest since we finally finished Game of Thrones last night. As for GoT, holy mother of mother crap, what was THAT????????

Anyway PoI seems okay, a little formulaic but Jim Caviezel is nice to look at. It’s only 2 episodes though so I am hoping the show would find its footing soon.

Going to click publish and then watch a 3rd episode. Nights!

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My kiddie pool

Casual Friday! Put on a dress that’s a tad too sheer in sunlight, so put on leggings too. The key is comfort.

# – Arm down.

# – Arm up.

# – Close-up.

Got the dress from a flea market, probably pre-loved…I’m not too sure. As you have probably noticed, I have no qualms wearing hand-me-downs. Coz you know, I’m ghetto like that.

I think clothings from a certain time in the past have better quality, better fabric you know…more breathable. Stuff these days are pretty but oh my gawd, RM400 for something made entirely out of polyester? WTF?

Hard to find stuff made out of natural fabric nowadays without costing and arm and a leg :(

I’ve put this particular dress through the spinner like a gazillion times and not a single bead has come off. Pretty amazing coz the beading looks quite delicate.

# – Beads around the neck.

# – Beads on the trunk.


Some time ago, I bought a kiddie pool. I also bought an inflatable monkey chair. I didn’t know what use I’d have of them but I knew they would come in handy one day.

I brought the monkey chair to my hen’s night, which turned out to be a hit – because it was just so hilarious to use.

For one, it was impossible to sit on without flipping over head first into water.

# – Epitome of elegance.

But eventually we figured out a way to sit on it stably.

# – Victorious.

As for the kiddie pool….I toyed with the idea of having a ghetto pool party. However, traipsing around in a bikini in full sight of my neighbours didn’t seem like such a great idea.

Anyway, the sun was out today so I decided to give our scuba diving gear a good soak to dissolve all the salt deposits.

While mulling over how to do it quickly and effectively, I was struck by a stroke of genius.

Of course! My kiddie pool!

# – Victorious version 2.

Now the husband can’t say I’m spending too much on stupid things.

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Pom Pom Island

Just got back from 5D/4N holiday on Pom Pom Island, an island in Sabah. Pretty awesome name, right?

Pom Pom Island is pretty near to Sipadan. We stayed at Celebes Beach Resort (CBR), which I highly recommend.

It’s a 3 hour flight to Tawau from KL, then airport transfers (1.5 hours van ride, Tawau – Semporna + 1 hour boat ride, Semporna – Pom Pom) were all handled by CBR. There’s no public water transport to Pom Pom, you’d need a resort to take you there and there are only two resorts on the small island of Pom Pom.

# – Crazy clear water.

This was my very first dive after Lasik, so I was understandably excited. Finally, I got to see everything clearly!

# – Group pic with diving buddies! Can you guess which one is me??

I clocked in a total of 11 dives on this trip, which included two night dives. The dive sites were amazing. The visibility was easily 20metres or more! Also hardly any current, which I love hehehe. But most of all, sharp & clear sight of everything /sniffs

# – Rejoicing over a superb dive in Mataking.

Saw loads of turtles, flute fish, coral fish, eels, rays and even a large barracuda named Charlie!

Currently suffering from island life withdrawal :(

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