The restaurant with no romanised name

Recently, a new restaurant opened in my neighbourhood, literally behind our old apartment.

I’m always happy whenever a new restaurant opens. That means, more dinner options!

At first, I had no idea what the restaurant was selling…because it has no english wording on the main signboard! Finally, I noticed a tiny “Chee cheung fun” printed on the smaller signboard.

# – What? Don’t know what 后巷肠粉记 means but that’s the name, I think.

# – Nice interior.

When I opened the menu, I was so happy because there were like 6 types of chee cheung fun or rice rolls.

I ordered 4 types…

# – Penang style. Really nice prawn paste sauce, very strong flavours perhaps even stronger than the one in Genting Cafe! I was very pleased.

# – Curry fun. A bit too mild for me but decent overall.

# – Ipoh style. I think this is the first time I’ve tasted Ipoh style chee cheung fun. It’s red, a bit sweet and a bit tart, quite unusual -Anyone know what is the sauce made of?

# – KL style. Sweetish tart.

The other two types are plain with soy sauce and stuffed. Going to try those the next time.

# – Yong tau fu. Quite nice to go with the rice rolls.

# – Deep fried dumplings. Okay.

Food was okay, certainly not the best rice rolls I’ve ever had but it’s nice to get so many local specialty rice rolls in one place.

My favourite part of the restaurant has got to be the faux vintage cups and plates! I want me some of those!

# – Michael Jackson in a retro steel mug.

Jalan Tanjung SD13/2,
PJU 9, 52200 Bandar Sri Damansara
(same row as Groupbase Restaurant)
Closed on Tuesday