Missing Kampuchea.

I had a nice weekend and I really want to blog about it but I’m just feeling so drained and exhausted from that bloody time of the month. The weather is certainly not helping, it’s so hot everyday! Seems like air-conditioners are going to be permanent fixtures in our lives. I can feel sweat trickling down my back and and chest as I’m typing this -_-

Anyway, here are some pictures of me in Cambodia circa 2006 to torture myself because I really, really, really need a vacation now :(

Courtyard of Angkor (I think..)

Our guide had very good timing, he always managed to avoid the crowds so we almost always got to enjoy the temples all to ourselves.

Backyard of Angkor (man, I don’t remember anymore).

Somewhere where they filmed Tomb Raider.

Angkor Wat (this one I remember lah)

Can’t wait to go back for a 2nd visit.

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