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I made an illegal U-turn today and totally did not get summoned because the person before me who made the same illegal U-turn got stopped by the lone policeman first :P

Tell me, in this sort of situation, as a law abiding citizen, would you stop your car and ask the police to give you a ticket too? The thought crossed my mind for a split second. I mean, I pride myself for not giving in to bribing cops for my traffic offences but the truth is, I’m just an inherently stingy procrastinator with an inability to grasp the concept of getting-screwed-by-years-of-accumulated-summons.

10 thoughts on “just a random thought”

  1. If you’re thinking of stopping to get a ticket and be a law abiding citizen, why do something illegal in the first place?
    Just say bye bye to the man in uniform. :-)

  2. yeehou: really cannot see one lah

    marvin: true that lol

    st: sounds reasonable

    ky: hehe

    thomas: i agree with this lol

    aeroplane: haha milk it while i got it!

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