The day is saved. Err not really.

Managed to retrieve 95% of my contact numbers. I’ve backed up everything including the phone settings and now the files are safely tucked in my external hard disk, gmail server and two other web hosting servers.

If I lost my shit again, I’d probably need to wear a helmet when I go out.

++ Update ++

Just realised I can’t send text messages out anymore! What the hell is happening?

Keeps saying “Unable to Send Message” and when I press for detail, it says “Text message: Not Allowed”. I’ve updated the firmware again and it went really well. So what is wrong? Urgh.

3 thoughts on “The day is saved. Err not really.”

  1. Hey there,

    Don’t worry, I was a N00b too. Just popping by to wish you all the best in the re-upgrade. Fingers crossed, it will work better now.

    admin: thanks david….30 mb of 116mb…this is so stressful. last i checked i couldnt even make calls @@

  2. check your sms settings, whether the sms centre number is still there. no, i don’t have a n95 though i would really like to have one…

    admin: checked’s there :(

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