Went to visit KL showroom this afternoon and had lunch at Kin Kin. Glad I went cause I tried the one in Pandan Indah and it was quite underwhelming. Thought it’s completely overrated. Kin Kin in KL on the other hand is a different class altogether. The noodle was springy and the egg perfectly poached. Thanks Paul Teh for recommending!

#1 – Kin Kin in Kuala Lumpur, Off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. Spot the Paul Teh?
Kin Kin

Place was packed. And service was incredibly slow. I think we waited for like 45 minutes before our food arrived -_-

#2 – Packed.

When the pan mee arrived, it was all worth it.

#3 – Kin Kin dry pan mee.
Kin Kin Dry Pan Mee.

#4 – Yeah, one branch is good for now. Cause they’re not very good at QC.
One branch.

After lunch and some work, we left for PJ office. At the turnoff from the Hartamas highway to Section 17, I got stopped by traffic police for speeding :P

He asked why I was speeding. I told him I didn’t realise I was. Then he asked for my driving license, then proceeded to ask if I wanted “help”. I said no, give me the summon. He asked me if I were sure. I said, yeah give me the summon I did something wrong.

And guess what…dude told me it’s okay, he’s letting me off because of my “smile”.

“Takpe lah..boleh pergi. Kerana you punya senyum”. wtf -_-”

My good day continued all the way to the office. My mineral makeup stash has arrived all the way from US of A. I was so excited when I saw the security uncle carried a brown envelope into my room. Almost did a dance when he passed the envelope to me (not trying to be drama but you know how much burden is lifted knowing your online shopping has arrived safely in your hands). Aside from the stuff I ordered, Silk Naturals has even given me 1 perfecting powder and 3 eye colours for free! I love shopping with Silk Naturals, so many surprises :)

#1 – Bubble envelope.
Bubble envelope

#2 – Meticulously wrapped.
Meticulously wrapped.

#3 – Unwrapped!

#4 – Free gifts :D :D :D
Free gifts.

Yeah and I just danced along to Dancer by The Killers with the babber before clicking ‘Publish’. Happiness is derived from the simplest of things. Hope my good fortune continues.

12 thoughts on “Happiness.”

  1. kin kin’s food is very good but i’ve given up on them due to the service and the incredibly cocky attitude. I go to super kitchen right across them nowadays

  2. kin kin’s poached eggs are still to die for, so despite the service and arrogance of the staff there, I doubt I won’t be coming back for more lol

  3. Hmm…I need to work on that smile of mine then. ;)

    Kin Kin eh, never been there but from all the good comments, I shall try the next time I go down to KL.

  4. hmm, somehow the pan mee at the place I frequent in Sunway Damansara looks more….appetizing. I forgot the name though. Something chili pan mee.

    Happiness lies in little things eh? I LOVE it when I get parcels too.

    Must admit I dont know Silk Naturals, only know Bare Minerals. Which better ah.

  5. ky: yeah i totally understand. i dont think i would want to wait so long also wtf

    aeroplane: its pan mee in lai fun shape lah

    bee: yes! i love em too…they can last quite long surprisingly

    chriso: u like to be tortured hah

    hb: work it!

    whimsicaljottings: i have no idea which is better..but i really enjoy silk naturals so far :)

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