On our ROM day

I can’t believe it’s almost coming to a year since our wedding back in October 2012. Am not sure if every bride experiences it but after the wedding, I was pretty much done with talking about wedding, hence the lack of mention about it.

I was just really anxious to get back to normal life haha

Friends and family have been asking me about the pictures and all but I haven’t shared any because I haven’t blogged about it!

Guess I will have to start with our Registration of Marriage. We wanted a no-fuss procedure, well….I wanted a no-fuss procedure because if there’s one thing you don’t know about me is that I get obsessive. Extremely obsessive. I am really selective with the type of stuff that I invest my energy in because when I do, I get consumed.

Our registration of marriage was not one of the things I wanted to fret about. We both agreed to do it in Putrajaya without any fanfare.

So, when I found out that Gareth had secretly engaged Anna-Rina to take our ROM pictures, I was actually slightly taken aback. Suddenly, the ROM had become an “event”.

But yeah, this woman, this blogger – she’s slightly crazy. I was giving Gareth a bit of a hard time for not consulting me first when I should have swooned over his sweet thoughtfulness.

Poor man, he didn’t know what he had gotten himself into by marrying me hahahahhaa

Anyway, I should have known that the ROM wouldn’t be a quiet affair. Mom was the most excited of all. Her mother, my popo came a close second; when she found out that we’re getting registered, she insisted to attend all the way from Mentakab eventhough she’s got a bad back.

I was really touched that all my family had wanted to do was to be there and see us officially become man and wife. I felt bad for thinking of denying them that.

I mean, now I think about it, I too would want to be involved in every part of my offsprings’ weddings (without suffocating them though, I hope hurhurhur).

Anyway, the day came. We were so excited the night before we could hardly sleep. It’s weird because at that point we’d been together 7 years and yet, there we were giggling like we had just met yesterday.

We woke up bright and early and wore our best clothes. Then we drove all the way to Putrajaya, and I found myself yearning to see Anna, cause I really wanted our pictures taken! Hahahaha.

# –  Paparazzi shot.

My family was there early too and everyone wore a bright, happy smile, which made me really happy :)

# – Popo, cousins and mom.

# – With my poser brothers.

I think we must be the 2nd in queue. When we got to the counter, a lady told us that we couldn’t get married. I was like, WHAT!? Almost immediately, my tears were welling up in my eyes.


Turned out Gareth was wearing jeans, though it was his best dressy jeans, the folks at Putrajaya insisted that we couldn’t enter the room because jeans were not allowed. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

They suggested we waited for Alamanda Shopping Mall to open so we could get a pair of trousers. Gareth is 6’5″, he can’t just stroll into any shop and find a pair of trousers that could fit him and fit him well enough for his registration of marriage day, if you know what I mean.

So we drove home. Although I was quite upset but realised there’s nothing else we could do but laughed it off. Poor Anna though, she was kind enough to wait for us to make the trip. We reached Sri Damansara from Putrajaya in record breaking time, Gareth put on his best trousers and we grabbed a couple more trousers just in case. Sped all the way back to Putrajaya and we made it!!

# – Pretty happy that we made it in time.

# – Serious face.

# – Sworn to take care of each other forever. Noticed Gareth is not wearing jeans anymore? LoL

Everything went smoothly. Kind of.

We left the government office to find a traffic summon on Gareth’s car for illegal parking.

When you have to drive back and forth Putrajaya trying to make it for the registration of your marriage, you kind of would forget things like parking at a designated space.

# – Thanks for the wedding gift, Putrajaya.

Then we scooted off for a quick photoshoot with Anna. Just me and my now husband.

Anna found a quiet place where she could take pictures of us. It’s a tunnel that’s still under construction and we loved it.

# – First portrait as husband and wife (in the eyes of the law).

Anna is a brilliant photographer. She really knows how to capture one’s best! I was quite worried as to how the pictures would turn out but I LOVE every single photo. I love how effortless we both look haha

# – We might be talking about something really disgusting here, to be honest.

# – One of the goofier poses. This probably describes how we really are in real life.

# – One of my favourite pictures. I thought I was going to look like a baby elephant on Gareth’s back but this is perfect.

# – Fist bump – which is truly how we agree on things in real life. Even our wedding invitations have two fists bumping on  the front hehe.

Photoshoot is hard word though.

# – The look of hot sun and grass burn.

In a nutshell, I am glad it wasn’t just a quiet affair. Yes, it’s still not what you’d call a grandiose occasion but to me, it’s the grandest, bestest ROM ever :)

Will blog about the preparation of the wedding next! You can read about the proposal here.

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