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First day in Bangkok with mom

As you probably have known, am on holiday with my mummy in one of my favourite cities – Bangkok.

We are staying in the Sukhumvit area. Thought I’d try somewhere else other than Yaowarat aka Chinatown.

We arrived in the afternoon, perfect for a lunch of tender braised pork trotter, intestines and pickled mustard leaves with rice.

Found this restaurant while trawling a narrow foot path dotted with stalls.

# – Service with a grin is slightly better than service with a smile.

# – My perfect lunch.

After lunch, we bought more food; snacks for when we’re resting in our room. Saw this pudgy cat sleeping right at the front of a shop’s entrance #likeaboss

# – Comfortable.

# – We bought too much food for two.

# – Good thing about hanging out with mom…..access to properly plated street snacks. There were more food that’s not in picture :P

After that, we food coma napped for a couple of hours before heading out for oil massages. It was soooOo good.

Then we bought more snacks from a nearby convenience store. Then, we ate supper of noodles and mussel pancakes right outside our hotel.

# – Supper time! That is mummy waiting for our food.

And here I am now, lying in bed, digesting & blogging this post. Thanks for reading!

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One of those days…. less than 4 hour of sleep and just short of wearing pyjamas to go out.

# – Straight.

# – Sideway.

A snug dress I wear as a top, again.  This seems to be a recurring thing with me. Anyway it was bought in Bangkok. I think it looks better as a dress….

Skirt I honestly can’t remember where I got it from. Possibly trifted.

Shoes from Bangkok and bag from ri2k. Necklace from Bali.


I have been looking forward to this for so long!

Finally am going on a girly vacation with mummy to my favorite place in the world!

So excited! Been having very little sleep trying to settle work and….work in order for this holiday to be completely worry-free.

This is my first time travelling with just mummy…. am wondering what kinda holiday buddy is she.

I hope I don’t annoy her too much lol.

Happy end of the week peeps. My weekend is just about to start.


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My happiness is fleeting because it is a lie.

When the clock strikes, truth rushes in to slap me in the face.

It is what it is all along. There is no denial or delay. Just admission.

My time is running out and I can feel it in my bones. I can feel it so strongly I am suffocating.

Don’t settle. Two simple words to live by, for you and for me. Together, I hope.

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