Friday’s quickie ;)

Blogging from Starbucks now. Finally mustered some semblance of confidence to step out of the house hehe.

Was on self imposed seclusion for more than 72 hours cause my entire body looks like this bit on the inside of my elbow :P

Anyway, I’m feeling so much better now. Can even camho with KY and a bottle of the new Mister Potato Rice Crisps, don’t mess.

Have a good weekend people!

4 thoughts on “Friday’s quickie ;)”

  1. Ever considered second opinion from other doctors?

    I’ve got a hunch it’s more than just eczema. I am suspecting lupus.

  2. merryn: hahaha yeah crisps alwaysssssssssss make me feel better ;)

    hmmm: read up on lupus after i saw your comment but i don’t have any of the symptoms at all. thanks for the concern though :)

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