6th Annual Xmas Party at KY’s.

I can’t believe I’ve been to the same party for 6 years straight. All thanks to the man here:

#1 – KY

The annual party is awesome as always. The cops turned up just as expected, not once but twice in one night. Puke-count is zero though, now that is an achievement. I think most people have simply grown a little mature and prefer to be awake for some conversations.

Heck, we’ve even got a full-fledged Xmas dinner this year, reserved exclusively for the the inner circle a.k.a #porkgang and was scheduled to take place 2 hours before the party. However, since I the turkey collector was stuck in the most crazy massive wtflux jam the dinner was forced to start at a much later time (ie: when the party started).

#2 – Xmas traffic, ho ho ho.

God ordered the ever welcomed roast pork and I was in charge of the vegetables (yawn).

#3 – Full spread Xmas dinner.

It was also Kerol‘s birthday, so here’s a shoutout :)

#4 – Happy Birthday Sexy Sotong!

Well, to be honest, dinner was generally slightly cold and coagulated but it was still fun digging in with the #porkgang. It’s the company that matters, aight I <3 you allllll FML, uhh..i’m heading off now. will resume tonight!

By the time we finished dinner, there was already a decent amount of people at the party.

#5 – Chilling out.

At this point we were inhaling helium for fun.

After that it was gift exchange time. The rules are simple:

* the person who drew #1 picks a gift from the pile (giver’s names are written on the gifts)
* #2 onwards gets to hijack one of the opened gifts, or pick from the pile
* if your gift got hijacked, you get to hijack another one, and so on.

This year, the most attractive gifts were the bakua, World of War Craft games and a Banana Republic drink mixer.

As you can see, these gifts passed through a number of people…

#6 – Bakua – Me, Robb and ST.

#7 – WoW games – Haze, Horng, God & Me.

#8 – Mixer – Tim, Yee Hou, Suet, Robb, ST, KY, Rebecca & Rachel.

The most awesomesauce gift though were these bags of asam laksa tarpao-ed alllll the way from Penang by Yee Hou.

#9 – Though Haze was not so thrilled. Hahahha.

#10 – Suan got something that might be useful for her OBC??

#11 – With the superheroes – green gay santa and green cape crusader.

All in all, it was a fantastic night! Thanks Heineken, Nuffnang and The Balloon Images for the booze, the food and the helium!

#12 – Merry Xmas 2009!

12 thoughts on “6th Annual Xmas Party at KY’s.”

  1. 1. mature for conversation = old
    2. i got the mixer set once also
    3. fully agree pre xmas dinner was awesome. thanks to porkgang making it materialized.

  2. It must be nice to have a party to go to every year… shows that you have a nice circle of friends. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a good new year ya!

  3. evo: c u next year!

    horng: haha thanks for the facts of life!

    foodcraze: true that :)

    ky: yaborthen, my vege so awesome hor

    fieran: i always read your blog woman u just don’t blog often enuff! have a good year too, i miss you!

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