Detoxing and dreaming of fried chicken.

I am in a hissy mood. Haven’t had a single grain of rice for more than 24 hours. I am not feeling tired or particularly hungry but I’m feeling a lot of pity for myself because I love food that much. Last night, I almost convinced the bf to drive me out at 3am for some Mcdonald’s fried chicken. Luckily, I managed to close my eyes shut, switched off the night lamp and slid into a slumber before all my efforts were wasted.

These are my healthy ingredients.

I will be surviving on juice made up of maple syrup, lemon juice and paprika for 5 days. Don’t ask me for recipe because I don’t want to recommend anything before I come out alive and unscathed from this experiment. Spare me the lectures on how unhealthy it is to detox without solid foods as I’ve done my research and I feel comfortable in doing this. I’ve come to realise that my diet is high in salt and fat content so hopefully this detox can trick my body into not craving for salty, fatty foods.

As for the apple cider vinegar, I’ve been using it as a final rinse for my shower. I think it’s really helping with my skin because they are healing very well. Now this, I can recommend :) If you have eczema, mix 1 part vinegar and 10 parts water together and just pour it all over your affected areas. I do lightly rinse it off with water before I step out of the shower but if you’re hardcore you could just leave it on and dab off the excess liquid with a towel.

Wish me luck!

p/s: I still want a bucket of fried chickens and by the way, a stinky, salty cheese platter with fresh, juicy grapes is slowly materialising in front of me T_T

++ Update ++

FML I’m about to give up. Gonna go grab dinner…but will be a light dinner! That’s as best as I can make up for this failure -_-

21 thoughts on “Detoxing and dreaming of fried chicken.”

  1. OK let’s look at it this way Kim. U kenot get McD’s fried chicken BUT you can certainly get all the MacDonald’s Maple Syrup you want! If you look at it positively.. both oso McD! :P so.. enjoy ! :D

  2. hey…i use apple cider vinegar as toner too! great for acne skin! oh, i think i told u to use manuka honey too…they helps to calm inflammation :-) about detox…..i drink ACV twice a day too…

    1. merryn: actually mcdonald’s doesnt have real maple syrup, just maple flavoured syrup aihhhh :(

      suanie: thank you

      ohmywtf: ACV is magical!

      ky: okay…

      saltybodiceripper: i cannot ever imagine being a vegan, seriously. are you really healthier than meat eating fools like some of us?

      st: this cider is not alcoholic -_-

    1. yeehou: i used to drink it also, but didn’t feel any difference lol. im using it externally now, seems more effective for that purpose!

      st: yeah, lacking in a lot of other nutrients unless they know how to balance it out with supplements

  3. Err…. just eat fruits to detox, nothing but fruits for 3 straight days.

    You get both nutrition and tons of fiber to clean your tummy.

    Juicing also a good detox way.

    Your ingredients sound like pseudoscience and dangerous. You’re not getting any proper nutrients.

    5 days with that shit, good luck… very dangerous.

  4. You brave woman!

    No wait, scratch that.

    You brave hungry woman!

    Looking forward to hearing if it worked for you. In the meanwhile stay indoors and away from any place that may be emmiting the tempting aroma of fried foods, or any food for that matter.

    1. repoman: thanks for advice. but im feeling fine lor, the maple syrup helps with the energy, 5 days won’t kill me ;)

      pts: hahhahaha..thanks for the wishes!

  5. Bwahahaha my friends tried this detox before, one said it really worked, one gave up halfway, one fainted halfway through class after 2 days. I swear last year or the year before that, half of Melbourne was hooked on the lemon detox x_x

  6. mell: i think the craze started when beyonce did it for dreamgirls to lose 15 pounds lol

    allison: yummy meh? i feel so pathetic the entire time lol. but im happy now coz i ate rice!!!!

  7. its easier to stick to something u like! Try fried chicken with veges. or veges with fried rice. Just don’t mix the chicken with carbs. this way u get as much carb as u need but u stay skinny. TRY! LOL

  8. I actually tried this detox before for a week, and it sucks. It made me tired, crave for food VERY BADLY and loose maybe 2 lbs. -.- I ended up sticking to my spinning class routine and eating organic yogurt instead. Good luck to you girl!

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