Project 365 #1

I could hardly blog. It’s like embarking on some bigass mission just clicking on ‘New Post’. And then the blinking of the cursor would seem more and more like insulting me as I tap my fingers nervously. Blog block, been there done that and still freakin’ there.

I’m at work on a Saturday now, listening to 80s music from internet radio ( The wonders of internet! And speaking of music and internet, are you going to Nuffnang Music Bash 09 by Maxis Broadband? Cause I am! And I have no freakin’ idea who I’m going as. I’m thinking Freddie Mercury, but who knows :D


So I got the idea of doing the Project 365 from a couple of other blogs. At least I’d have something to blog everyday eh. It might just spur me to look at least semi-decent during my daily routine. I predict that Charlie would probably be featured the most though so please bear with me. I admit this has turned into a doggy blog and my readership is plunging along with it but am surprisingly fine with the latest development.

Oh by the way, if you’re a fellow blogger do check out this survey: by Julian Hopkins if you like to find out whether blog monetisation is affecting the Malaysian blogosphere.

Anyhoooo, here’s my 1st picture for Project 365. Taken at 9.30am, 28 March 2009 by my sales manager Paul. Yes, I forced him to.


Sorry didn’t put on makeup :P

Have a fab weekend people!

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