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I’ve just moved back to my boyfriends’. About 2 months ago, after almost 4 years of staying with my man, I had a sort of anxiety attack. I felt anxious about the house and the bedroom I grew up in, everytime I went back it felt like I didn’t know the place anymore. It’s familiar but yet foreign. I suppose it’s part of my struggle to retain those defining phases of my life. Yes, many things which made me who I am today happened in that house. Of course, I miss my folks too. And miss talking to my brothers. I don’t think I could ever articulate the situation properly. I thought of visiting more regularly but living 45 minutes away, it’s easier said than done.

So after much deliberation and drama, I decided to move back to the house where I’d spent most of my life. It was fantastic.

Everyday, I woke up to freshly ironed clothes, came back to healthy home cooked meals and best of all, after a hard day at work, I’d be greeted with this:

#1 – Precious :)
3 darlings

Alas, Cheras traffic got to me. Living with my parents meant I had to be stuck in a traffic jam between 1/2 to 1 hour extra everyday. Going to work was a nightmare, coming back was even worse. It’s amazing how a 15 minutes distance could stretch to 2 hours for no apparent reason. If you followed my twitter, you’d probably notice how most of them were traffic related rants. By the time I got home, it’d be dinner and then bedtime. I didn’t even have the energy to walk my dogs. Charlie especially, was getting crazy from being cooped up all day long.

So I moved again. Back to my boyfriend’s and took Charlie with me. As we’re both working, someone has to look after him while we’re bringing home the bacon. We found him a daycare near where we’re staying.

I have to say, sending him off to some strangers is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. How are they going to treat him? Will he be happy? Will he eat well? Sigh. Yesterday was his first day day. When I picked him up after work, he peed on me thrice. The nice lady told me he hadn’t peed the whole day prior to my arrival. I forgot to tell her that his magic phrase is “tinky wink”, that’s probably why he didn’t dare to relieve himself :(

He seemed better this morning, I hope he’ll get used to it soon. I love Charlie so much.

#2 – Charlie chilling out.

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