Sometime this week..

Sometime this week, am having a Subaru roadshow at Sunway Pyramid, LG2 Orange Wing, so if you’re in the area do check it out :)

#1 – Motor Image Subaru Roadshow – 20 to 22 March 2009.
Motor Image Subaru Roadshow

Sometime this week, because am having a Subaru roadshow at Sunway Pyramid, I also had lunch at Canton-I. This char siu – siu yuk rice is not as great as the one in Aman Suria but it managed to satiate my craving for good succulent pork.

#2 – Roast and BBQ Pork rice.

They also serve this drink which name I can’t remember. It’s basically tea brewed from a lump of tea and flowers. Look how it blossomed into a beautiful flower after a couple of minutes.

#3 – Tea

#3 – Blossom in the tea
Blossom in the tea

Sometime this week, I also attended a Digi Broadband Launch event, here’s a picture of me with Kellster.

#4 – With Kellster.
With Kellster.

Yeah I know you can see through the gap in my shirt.

We’ve been walking Charlie everyday after work too. And he’s loving it! Here’s me taking a quick snooze with Charlie after one of our sessions, taken by the babber. I think Charlie likes my company… ;)

#5 – Snoozing.
Snoozing w Charlie.

Sometime this week, specifically today is also the gwailo‘s birthday. Here is him with Charlie. We’re having birthday lunch.

#6 – Happy 31st Birthday!!!! I w00f you.
ST with charlie.

So what did you do sometime this week?