Project 365 #2

Babber is outstation. So it’s just me and Charlie at home. I think he’s missing his daddy because he keeps going into the bedroom, jumps onto the bed and then lies in the spot where babber sleeps. Or he’d run to the balcony everytime he hears car alarm sound similar to babber’s.

He seems really protective of me too. It’s like he knows mummy is alone and needs protection or something. Whenever he hears footsteps or people talking outside our door he would start growling. Yeah, before you know it I’d be fantasising about Charlie having superpowers. Oh wait, I already did :P

Charlie has lost 5 or 6 teeth in the span of a week. He’s teething like crazy. Here’s a picture of us while walking in the vicinity of our apartment 1/2 hour ago.

Me and Charlie

I wonder what to make for dinner. I don’t really like eating alone, unless I’m feeling anti-social. But today, I have so much love to give!