365 Failure

Yeah, babber said I’ve failed. Cause I’m supposed to post a picture everyday. I had to defend myself, as I’ve been taking pictures everyday….to be posted all at one go. Operative word, “one go”. According to him, it doesn’t work that way. The pictures should be posted daily. I’ll try lah.

Anyway, before I go on rambling away, here’s the third picture of my project.

#P3 – Charlie impersonating Yoda.
Charlie as Yoda

We had just walked him in the rain and he was soaking wet so we bought a towel from the nearby supermarket to dry him up.

He’s getting pretty good at this. Maybe I could take him to Nuffnang Music Bash…he could go as one of the fellas from KISS. I mean, just imagine him as Gene Simmons.

Charile as Gene Simmons.
He makes a good Gene Simmons!

As for the forth picture….I failed :P

#P4 – Null

And the fifth picture…also failed :P

#P5 – Null

But, I redeemed myself today.

#P6 – Can you guess what are these?


Looks like fish roe innit? Actually they’re orange gummy candies given to me by my colleague, Agos. He’s just gotten back from a vacation in Hong Kong Disneyland. Tasted quite good actually.

Disneyland HK

Anyway, as I have been whinging over and over again about how boring my life is…this morning the most interesting thing happened to me. I woke up, fed Charlie and then went about my daily routine. After a quick shower, I smelt the nasty and sure enough, Charlie had taken a big dump. So I walked over to his cage, squatted down and started picking up his stink nuggets.

It was a hard job and the morning was a little warm I started to perspire. Even felt some slimy sensation on my ass crack. Suddenly I lost my balance and as I was preparing to land my bum on the floor, I landed instead on Charlie’s head.

Dude’s been licking my ass crack. And yes, I was naked in my own home.

Project 365 #2

Babber is outstation. So it’s just me and Charlie at home. I think he’s missing his daddy because he keeps going into the bedroom, jumps onto the bed and then lies in the spot where babber sleeps. Or he’d run to the balcony everytime he hears car alarm sound similar to babber’s.

He seems really protective of me too. It’s like he knows mummy is alone and needs protection or something. Whenever he hears footsteps or people talking outside our door he would start growling. Yeah, before you know it I’d be fantasising about Charlie having superpowers. Oh wait, I already did :P

Charlie has lost 5 or 6 teeth in the span of a week. He’s teething like crazy. Here’s a picture of us while walking in the vicinity of our apartment 1/2 hour ago.

Me and Charlie

I wonder what to make for dinner. I don’t really like eating alone, unless I’m feeling anti-social. But today, I have so much love to give!

Project 365 #1

I could hardly blog. It’s like embarking on some bigass mission just clicking on ‘New Post’. And then the blinking of the cursor would seem more and more like insulting me as I tap my fingers nervously. Blog block, been there done that and still freakin’ there.

I’m at work on a Saturday now, listening to 80s music from internet radio (https://www.live365.com/stations/sladey229). The wonders of internet! And speaking of music and internet, are you going to Nuffnang Music Bash 09 by Maxis Broadband? Cause I am! And I have no freakin’ idea who I’m going as. I’m thinking Freddie Mercury, but who knows :D


So I got the idea of doing the Project 365 from a couple of other blogs. At least I’d have something to blog everyday eh. It might just spur me to look at least semi-decent during my daily routine. I predict that Charlie would probably be featured the most though so please bear with me. I admit this has turned into a doggy blog and my readership is plunging along with it but am surprisingly fine with the latest development.

Oh by the way, if you’re a fellow blogger do check out this survey: https://www.budurl.com/myblogs2009 by Julian Hopkins if you like to find out whether blog monetisation is affecting the Malaysian blogosphere.

Anyhoooo, here’s my 1st picture for Project 365. Taken at 9.30am, 28 March 2009 by my sales manager Paul. Yes, I forced him to.


Sorry didn’t put on makeup :P

Have a fab weekend people!