Xmas is coming Ho Ho Ho

I’ll have another ad published on Monday so I decided to post these pictures of myself putting up our Xmas tree eventhough I look like crap!

# – This is me in my comfy uniform – hub’s old polo tee and football shorts.

# – Yeap, I set the camera on timer to take pictures of myself setting up the Xmas tree. So happening!

# – My tree is lopsided.

What kind of Xmas person are you? Do you buy new decorations and tree every year or are you like me – reuse everything every year?

The only new stuff I bought this year were some candy canes, cause I want to eat em.

# – Glammed up.

Most of the baubles date back to Gareth’s childhood. It quite amazing how my mum-in-law has managed to keep them in such good condition.

# – This snowman is probably older than me.

# – I don’t think this polar bear is very old, maybe 10 years old?

# – Pretty sure this one is fairly new.

# – Hats for hubs, me and Charlie!

# – Got these mini trees last year.

# – Hung some baubles on our money trees too. These baubles are old!

Only 10 days more to Xmas!! So excited!

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