TLC Promise Me Recognition Ceremony.

Last week, the folks from The Truly Loving Company (TLC) threw a recognition ceremony for everyone who participated in the TLC Promise Me Campaign. There was a total of 70 pledges and ALL of them were successfully completed!

It was a low-key but nice ceremony :)

# – Many people were there.

All of us got a certificate each. It has become my favourite cert because it’s a reminder of the wonderful experience and valuable life lessons learnt while taking part in the campaign.

# – Receiving my certificate from Madam Julia Chong, the CEO of TLC.

# – My fellow bloggers who participated in the campaign, Cindy and Saimatkong also got theirs.

Cindy got a custom-made multi-focal spectacles for Madam Lily Sin and Saimatkong got a customised ankle brace for stroke patient Mr. Kau.

I was asked to share my experience participating in this campaign. I was nervous while on stage but happy to be able to tell everyone about this life-changing experience :)

# – Thanks Nuffnang and TLC for this wonderful opportunity.

The brainchild behind this campaign is Mr. Jonathan Teoh, who left his high flying job as an architect to plan, organise and make TLC Promise Me campaign a reality. His hard work is admirable & his motivations noble. If there’s anyone I truly respect, Jonathan is one of them.

# – With Jonathan Teoh, the force behind TLC Promise Me.

I’m really, really glad that I was part of the campaign. You know, I really didn’t want to do it at first and gave myself a lot of excuses. I was skeptical and doubtful, basically I didn’t think I would be successful in raising anything! And the worst thing? I agreed to do it due to the embarrassment of saying “no”.

But as I received more and more support in the forms of donations and well-wishes, my perceptions gradually changed. I am still surprised by the fact that 3 hospitals beds have been bought and delivered to Goo Tyng Tong and his friends.

The credit is certainly not mine alone. You know who you are and I hope you can feel the exact same contentment I’m feeling from doing this because you deserve it so much more than me!

# – With some of the TLC Promise Me participants.

Thanks again guys!

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