Musings about face value.

My boyfriend is fiddling with the living room’s computer, which is connected to our television. I kept asking him what he’s doing, he won’t tell me. I whined. He feigned disinterest. Of course, I’m secretly impressed. I always am.

Virgin Radio is now slowly piping in from our living room’s speakers. I’m practically beaming now :)

My suitcase still lays unpacked. Sometimes I wish I’m more like my Mom. Mom would never allow any worn clothes to fester in a tiny case. I imagine growing a garden of bacteria in my samsonite. You know those that you normally find in the sweaty cranny of your limbs? I glanced at the clothes spilling out from the opened case, they look normal just like I’ve never worn them before, fresh from the laundry. Sigh.

Life would be so much more interesting if things are as they are. If face value is all there is. If my clothes were dirty, I would be able to see germs wriggling all over the fabric. If people have ulterior motives, they would start smelling like a soiled pair of socks or something. Unfortunately, everything in life is more than just face value. There are always more, whether it’s good or bad. Ultimately, it’s all down to whether one is willing to find out more. You know, check for credibility, maybe do some experiments, ask around a bit, the works. But nah, man being man has this thing called ego constantly fogging their brains a bit.

Al Pacino played Satan in Devil’s Advocate and claimed that his favourite sin was Vanity. Sigh, wake up my friends. The irony of this situation? The cock teaser is really all there is: face value.

10 thoughts on “Musings about face value.”

  1. Oh well, I’ve always taken the things people say about someone with a pinch of salt. I very much prefer to get to know the person before deciding for myself. Perhaps that comes from being the brunt of too much gossip myself, most of which is untrue.

    Take care Kim!

  2. dishonest ppl dont like to be with honest(blunt) ppl mar.

    at the end of it, just ignore. life’s too short to care abt what other ppl think.

  3. I agree Kim :) we all know exactly whats going on, and yet when we tell people, we care about and even confront them with evidence, we are just faced with denial. The world has no place for us :( *cry*

  4. You know, the way you describe your boyfriend, he seems really good at nonchalance (with reference to that post about your flat tyre a while back ;-)

  5. suanie: all the time.

    hb: true that. nothing beats seeing with your own eyes. but is it our business to warn friends about what we know and saw when they’re happily frolicking in their make-believe world?

    nicole: haha, of course you did!

    naeboo: this will come across very righteous, but i mostly don’t care about what ppl think of me because i consciously know that i don’t lead ppl on or say everything short of i love you to get things i want. but i know some ppl do and and i don’t really care about them till i see my own friends being willing victims. it’s so hard to watch.

    ch: all of us know someone like that i guess.

    suanie: i think so! but didn’t learn much history, just saw loads of fireflies hehe

    SMT: i guess in this instance, they will just need to find out the hard way.

    suertes: yes he’s the most nonchalant person i know. it drives me up the wall sometimes.

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