Clubbing with my chicas.

I was supposed to try out the new gym in town, True Fitness or something with my chicas. Too bad Looloo’s leave application was rejected so I was left to rot at home. It was for a few miserable and wasted hours, as I finally made the wise decision of going to my own gym for some workout. 30 minutes of power stepping, 30 minutes of cycling, 5 minutes of rowing and 4 sets on the adductor. Well, shorter than my usual routine but I was pressed for time.

When I got home, I quickly prepped-up and headed out to fetch Jayna. We picked up Looloo and headed for Thai Club. Thai Club apparently has changed management and was quiet as a cemetery. So after happy hour, we adjourned to La Caso. It was quite boring at first, but we soon warmed up and I had a blast. What a fun night clubbing with my two best friends in the world, Jayna and Looloo.

I left my camera in the car so I didn’t take any pictures. But we did take one, just before we left, in the dingy carpark. Hehe. Give us credit for choosing an Evo eh?

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