Questions and answers.

If everyone in this world were unrecognisable by race, how can instant noodle distinguish an Asian from a Westerner? Person who gets it right will be officially perfect. Then we can be friends.

Anyway, I asked to be tagged by ST. So here goes…

1. If you could change one thing about Malaysia, regardless of cost or status what would it be?

That every Malaysian residing outside of Kuala Lumpur be adequately educated and have access to uncensored information regarding the management of this country so that when it’s time to vote, they can vote with their minds and not their hearts.

2. If someone gave you a open plane ticket anywhere in the world, where would you fly and why?

I want to fly to Japan because it’s got everything for everything.

3. What is more important to you, health or wealth?


4. If you were to be a man, what do you think the biggest plus would be over being a woman?

Not having to bleed every bloody month.

5. If you had to live in US or UK, which would you choose and why?

UK. Strong pounds, apparently great pastries and most politicians walk the talk.
Actually, take me to any country that

  • does not feed its citizens sub-standard food.
  • makes cars affordable to everyone as nobody deserves to hover around on a kapchai (instead of wrongfully blaming car drivers for killing motorists, get rid of motorbikes).
  • does not justify spending RM85million on a building that still leaks, reeks and creaks.
  • sees all its citizens as equals.
  • does not celebrate a sweet proposal but rather the successful implementation of it.
  • does not make clowns their MPs.
  • sees politicians as its servants, not masters.
  • does not approve of sub-standard work. See here. Now imagine it’s a real highway.
  • gives no flying fuck to what the head of the government, his wife and children like to wear to bed or do on a Sunday.
  • have dignified government servants.

The Official Interview Game Rules (copied to be passed on)

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