Happy list.

I’m feeling grumpy. So I made an unranked list of what’s really going to perk me up at this moment.

1. Electric waffle maker.
2. Losing 10kilos.
3. Winning the lottery.
4. Graduating.
5. Finding stashed cash.
6. Recovering Mom’s stolen jewelleries (Read: mine =P).
7. Significant drop in fuel or car prices.
8. Permanent hair removal.
9. KictchenAid mixer in fuschia or red.
10. Loads of makeups.
11. Perfect eyesight.
12. Perfect set of teeth.
13. Unlimited supply of Rosken.
14. Sacking of unscrupulous and corrupted local politicians.
15. Getting a gym buddy.
16. Orgasm (as someone has pointed out).
17. Cure to any terminal disease.
18. Seeing the bestest dude in the world.
19. Zero caloric but divine food.
20. Beach vacation.