Wordcount – 0.

Deadline on 6th. Wish me luck.

I’m so glad it’s the final year. I don’t think I could do this anymore. If there were another year I’d probably quit school. On second thought, I guess I won’t. But I know I’ll dread it. Wait, I am dreading school.

Officially missed gym for a whole month. RM180 down the drain. Again. Joining gym again was a mistake. I should have stuck to hula hooping.

I am too boring. That’s right. I am a boring person. I do not have one single thing that I can claim to be passionate or good at. I am so mediocre. I eat too much, watch tv too much, sleep too much, procrastinate too much and daydream too much.

Narcissism is necessary. But really, necessities are most difficult to obtain.