Happy Mother’s Day.

Almost didn’t manage to hand in the paper. Was practically begging the lady. She nodded and made my day. It’s one of my better papers I think. But I screwed up on the Appendix (slipping in the wrong diagram) and missed citing my HHI calculation, which I was so damn proud of. Argh. Now I’m going to look like a dumb bitch who calculated something out of vacuum. Why oh why? One more paper this end of the month and I’m done with the shit!

I’m starving. The last meal I had was a 1 chopped potatoes, 2 dried scallops and 2 dried oysters, 20 hours ago. I was too lazy too cook, I just dumped the stuff into a pot and boiled them. A pinch of salt, sugar, pepper and voila. Not exactly my best meal.

Overplucked my eyebrows. Not that I have any to begin with. Looks weird now.

Mother’s Day dinner tonight in Klang for seafood. Mom’s birthday is also in May so my brothers and I haven’t gotten her anything yet. We’re thinking purse, costume jewelleries or a day at the spa. Mom went ballistic last night cause there was no ice (frozen H20 in case you raise an eyebrow). She’s crazy like that. She threw the empty tray onto the floor and screamed something about ungrateful children working her to death and won’t even let her have a cold drink bla bla bla. All of us were pissed and ignored her. Why? Cause there were two other ice trays. They’re full. Well, I still love you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.