Could have been a great Saturday night.

Just woke up. Went to bed at 10.30am *gasp*. Went to Passion and got raided at 12 fucking am. We’re paying at the cashier, then the lights in Poppy came on and the cashier told us it was a birthday party. Yeah right! Adjourned to Bar Savanh. Bloody packed and crowded. We’re given this spot at the corner (at the fucking restaurant :P) where the fans were about 40 feet from our heads. I just had no mood to dance. I slept throughout. Pseudo-classy clubs in KL are pretentious, expensive, uncomfortable and full of people with low self-esteem who needs affirmance that they’re big by hanging out at pretentious places like these. They’re no different from Ah Bengs. I digress, I don’t give a fuck cause it’s the fun factor of the place and that my friends are with me that matters.

Should have gone to Thai Club. It’s a great place to go if you’re just hanging out with your own friends and not there to socialise with any remotely stimulating individual (cause there are probably none). It’s such an efficient place (except for the loos, but you could always fake a vomit and guys…just fucking pee into the plants :P). You hardly wait for your drinks or your table if you’ve booked one. And, it’s always easy to go out and catch some fresh air when you’ve enough of dancing. Never been raided there too.

Okay, enough of rantings. Supper was like orgasmic though. Some noodle shop at Petaling Street. We had some claypot mousetail noodles (that’s how it’s called, right?), bbq pork noodles and the scrumptious plate of intestines. My mouth still reeks of garlic. Cass has some pictures, but I looked so fat and sleepy I don’t want to post them here.