Wordcount – 284.

2 packets of nasi lemak, one Ramli Special, 7 mugs of Lipton and 4 tabs of Senokot later, I’m addicted to looking at Britney Spears’ swelling boobs. Guilty pleasure, ok. Trust me, she makes you feel better of yourself. With all those money you think she could have done better.

I updated my account book. At one point of time in December 2004, I actually had a 4-figure balance. I was so excited I kept waving the book in front of my brother. Then he showed me his book. “Potong stim” had never been so heartfelt.

Mom and I drove our respective vehicles to fill up the tanks last night. By the forth petrol station, we gave up and headed home. Along the way, I bought 10 packets of nasi lemak, 2 hotdogs and 1 Ramli Special. That’s 16500% of the petrol price hike, plus 5km of petrol.

And yes, it still stands at 284 words.