Krabi, Thailand – Day 2 (Part Two)

DAY 2 Part One

Now, the second part of my second day in Krabi. After our island hopping trip, See Tho brought us to Krabi La Playa Hotel for tea time.

Coffee and biscuits.
Lovely local coffee and biscuits.

We also went on a short hotel tour to check out the place. It’s a very nice hotel and I especially love the swimming pool.

Mocktail to quench the thirst.

La Playa room.
One of La Playa’s rooms.

The pool
The eclectic pool.

We left La Playa for our hotel and still in a swimming mood, I took a dip in Sheraton Krabi‘s fabulous pool. I didn’t take any picture but here’s one from its website.

Infinity pool in Sheraton Krabi.
Infinity pool faces the beach.

After a quick swim, I showered and changed for dinner.

Me and Kellster.
Me and Kellster posing before dinner.

We arrived at Ban Ton Khao, a beautiful farm house themed restaurant. It even has its own paddy field and windmill!

Ban Ton Khao.
Ban Ton Khao.

Lone bike.
Lone bike.

There’s a really cool wooden playground and I couldn’t help but camwhore, hehe.


Timer ftw.
Timer FTW.


None of the dinner picture came out well so I’m not going to post any. But I’m sure you’ll be able to read about it soon at KY‘s :)

After dinner, we went to Ao Nang where KY and I spent 250 baht each for a traditional Thai massage. 90 minutes of awesomess!!

Ao Nang.
Ao Nang in the evening.

Massage parlour.

The massage concluded my second day in Krabi. We headed back to our hotel and I hadn’t fallen asleep so quickly in my life.

3rd day coming up!

5 thoughts on “Krabi, Thailand – Day 2 (Part Two)”

  1. Thai massage is great, even more “kick” then the Bali one.

    For relaxation – Bali style better
    For pure “kick” – Thai style anytime


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