Hotel blooper: Wakeup calls.

Among all the hotels I’ve stayed in, my favourite is the Sydney’s Hilton. I love the view, the huge bed, the plasma tele, the night blind control at the bedside (omg, darkness in stark daylight at your fingertip!) and the location too, of course.

I have had several problems with its ultra-modern facilities though. One such problem is its wakeup calls. I usually arrange for wakeup calls with the hotel. Then I would set my own alarm clock to wake me up before my hotel’s wake-up call. It’s a foolproof plan to avoid oversleeping.

One morning, I woke up to my own alarm clock and proceeded to prepare for yet another bloody day at work. I was grumpy and agitated. As I meticulously put on my eyeliner, the phone rang. I knew it was the hotel’s wakeup call. So despite being half-way through the make-up I went to pick up the phone. An automated voice greeted me.

Good morning! This is your wakeup call bla bla bla…

I hung up, walked to the mirror and continued with my routine. Then, while putting on mascara, the bloody phone rang again. I thought it was an emergency regarding work, so I ran to pick up the phone. And there it was, the same automated greeting. I slammed down the receiver by that time.

10 minutes later, the phone rang for the third time. Half-way through applying lipstick (it sucks to be a woman). I figured it was another wake-up call. I picked it up and sure enough, I heard this…

Good morning! This is your wakeup call.. I cursed, “What the fuck another wakeup call, tiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” huh, yes Miss Kimberly?

Just great! A real person this time…

So yes, if you were in Sydney for work, do put up at the Hilton. You will definitely be on time for that dreaded meeting.

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