This sucks!

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate using the vacuum cleaner? It is clunky and heavy. It always get stuck behind a furniture or worse, turn turtle when you yank it a little too hard. The cable always get twisted into dozens of crazy knots. I fucking hate it.

But yet, having a head full off disloyal hair and a dog that sheds as much, the hoover is pertinent in keeping the damn house clean. So I use it albeit unwillingly.

Yesterday, for instance, I decided to whip out the hoover to clean the house. In the middle of cleaning, I was possessed by the Vacuum Cleaning Ghost (also known as Good Mood). So I started hoovering up chairs, tables, cabinets, aircon vents, anything and everything I came across.

Then I spotted my dusty keyboard, which by the way was disgustingly covered in food crumbs and whatnot. Naturally, I placed the mouth of the hammerhead shark looking thing onto my laptop keyboard. Man…the satisfaction of seeing all those filth being sucked up voraciously by the hoover.

I began to like my clunky, heavy vacuum cleaner. I even imagined the possibility of using it everyday! And then I heard a light pop. And then I looked down.

# – And then I saw this.

I freaked out. But of course, I had to tweet about it 1st then only deal with the situation. It was extremely important that everybody was informed that that I had sucked a key out of my filthy keyboard. In panic, I had thought I’d lost my CTRL key.

# – I intelligently laid 300watt of suction power over my keyboard.

What followed next was an experience I would really like to erase from my memory, forever.

Which is worse? Sticking your hand into a soiled toilet bowl to pick out something that wasn’t meant to be there or sticking your hand into a dirtbag that had been collecting dirt for the past 6 years to pick out something that wasn’t meant to be there?

Thankfully, I had just emptied the dirtbag minutes before the incident took place so it was fairly easy to maneuver my fingers in and around.

# – Yummy.

Atfer what seemed like an eternity, I managed to fish the damn key out. Turned out it’s an UP key that got sucked in.

# – I found UP.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stick it back into my keyboard :(

Vacuum cleaner sucks!

18 thoughts on “This sucks!”

  1. looks like u still missing the “legs” of the key. that’s why cannot stick back. unless the thing ‘legs’ also broken then no hope :P

  2. I have that blobby, squishy gel thingy to clean my keyboard too! The one you can squish and mould and you just press it into your keyboard :D Damn fun.

  3. sorry, but this post made me chuckle….

    i’m sure after this some eletronic brand will contact u to have u try one of their super slim, super power, super quiet vacum cleaner to review it.. lol..

  4. suan: i always tot that those usb ones are a waste of money. i don’t think like that anymore >_< st: hoover – 1, me – 0 fresh: y u laugh at me wu wu wu rachie: i think the car one also quite powerful leh.. ky:… acidict: it must be the case. i had a hard time finding the key, i don’t think i could find the legs :( yeehou: hulk smash the keyboard? lol gin: ooh i’ve seen those before! but is it hygienic? mell: can u clean the gel after though? looks gross having to reuse it over and over again? shimmers: hahaha i wish! more like they’d stay away from me! fieran: noooo i want an even more powerful vacuum cleaner hehe eyeris: i don’t know y i didn’t do that this time :P

  5. hahaha… HAHHAHAHAHA…
    what i can say is… hahahahaha
    hahahahahhaha :D

  6. cannot clean but it doesnt come off the thing so it cant be that bad =p . lol. reuse also cannot reuse until become like hairball or something lar. LOL.

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