I want to watch Mamma Mia! again

After watching Across The Universe (a musical based on all Beatle’s music) I knew I had to watch Mamma Mia! Thank you Nuffnang for the tickets. I’m not even a fan of musicals but musicals based on famous music are the best things ever.

Mamma Mia!
Picture from Circuit Empire.

Whoever thought of making a musical out of ABBA’s songs was a genius. I was actually quite horrified reading on IMDB that Mamma Mia! was initially snubbed by the band! OMG why??

On the way home, we discussed about whose music could also be made into musicals. One of the names that we came up with was Madonna. Man, someone SHOULD REALLY make a musical out of Madonna’s music!

Anyway, back to Mama Mia!. I just love, love, love it. I’ve never wanted to launch into a song and dance so many freaking times in 1 hour and 40 minutes. In spite of being a really happy and funny movie, at one point I was sobbing like a baby. That I’d have to blame Meryl Streep. She’s amazing and she made me cry to ABBA and I didn’t even know why.

I remember being conned to watch Sweeney Todd (something about the movie poster not stating that it’s a damn musical) and I burst out laughing the moment Johnny Depp started croaking about London and then my parents turned to me and asked whether he was going to sing throughout the movie. I turned crimson and after the movie had finished, I had to apologise profusely to my dad for intentionally convincing everyone to skip Rambo 4 for a “fantastic horror film starring Johnny Depp”. Oh well!

On the contrary, I didn’t have a single what-on-earth-is-going-on moment while watching Mamma Mia! I thought everyone was excellently cast. From the free-wheeling Streep to the hopeful Amanda Seyfried (I knew she would go far eversince I saw her as the booby weather girl in Mean Girls) to Christine Baranski and of course, ever incredible Julie Walters. The men, made of trio – Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and Stellan Skarsgard gave us some of the funniest scenes of the movie.

I don’t know whether I love it because I’m such an ABBA karaoke fiend but I’m determined to watch it a couple of times more and get the original DVD.

p/s: Apparently I stormed away like a dumbass when someone was trying to talk to me yesterday night. Whoever that was, I’m so sorry I really had no idea!!

14 thoughts on “I want to watch Mamma Mia! again”

  1. yesh musicals based on famous music are the best! i’m not a big fan of abba nor musicals as well but the songs sang in the movie sounds really really familiar to me and it was soooo niceeeeeee =D

    some part were quite funny though heeehehe

  2. Joshua! You suck! How are you not a fan of ABBA, apa ni… ABBA is like, the ultimate gay after Queen. Haha anyways didn’t catch you yesterday lol, damn kao a lot of people can die

  3. robb: if there’s anyone who enjoys it, it’d be you!

    ruoinkoh: yeah i was in 1U! nvm always more opportunities in the future!

    joshua: aih…tells the age, doesn’t it? lmao

    jessica: yes! highly recommended! they made a cameo appearance as well!

    dabido: they didn’t drink blood and sacrifice virgins for nothing these people.

    yahui: great decision you made. lol

    david: yeah i saw a lot of ppl gathering at the carpark after the movie ended. wonder whether they were bloggers…scared! lol

    marcus: hehe hi backs!

  4. Entertaining movie, especially if you know ABBA songs.. and the English words when they were singing just prompted instant karaoke from me and my frens :-)

  5. Watched it at Pyramid. Aunties and uncles were singing along clapping hand. For a person who think The best musical ever is Across The Universe, listening to aunties and uncles on the screen joined forces with the aunties and uncles behind me simply made me want to just bump into wall and be passed out from the entire movie but of course everything is cushioned. Hehe.

    I would sacrifice discos and clubbing for the non-existence of ABBA and Bee Gees. Kakakaka…

  6. i am not an abba fan but indeed, i enjoyed this movie! even my mom who couldn’t understand english, still clapping her hands and singing along with the music! can’t wait to download the soundtracks!

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