Meet mini Charlie! :)

I’m not much of a cute dangling charms carrying kind of girl but whenever I see something with dog motifs, I always find my principles wavering a bit. That said, I never bought any, just because none of them were of English Cocker Spaniels, which is what Charlie is.

Then Michelle (affectionately known as Ah Meow), an old friend started this website showcasing and selling her very own needle felted wool crafts. My willpower imploded almost instantaneously.

With not a minute trace of hesitation, I sent out an email to her, attached with my son, Charlie’s picture. The email subject line was simply, “omg omg omg omg”. I was literally starring at my inbox, waiting for first sign of response from her side. That was how much I wanted it!!!

# – This was the picture I sent to Ah Meow.

Fast forward to last week, Ah Meow called to tell me that the needle felt doll is already finished. I tell you, I seriously felt a rush of euphoria upon hearing from her and promptly got her to meet me the very evening.

# – Welcome to your new home, mini Charlie :D

I am so impressed with Ah Meow! The resemblance is uncanny! She’s got all the details down, even the way the flesh around his eyes wrinkle up!

# – Mini Charlie and Big Charlie.

You can read about Ah Meow’s post on making Mini Charlie for me here.

It’s hanging in my bag now but I’m hoping to pimp up my crackberry soon and use it as a phone charm!!! Ya, everyone deserves a first time!

# – Big Charlie approves of Mini Charlie :D

Neko-Meow’s Little Corner (

Thank you so much Ah Meow. This is the best early Xmas present I’ve ever gotten!