The journey of our staircase.

This is probably one of the most boring blog posts I’ve ever written. Okay, maybe not as boring as the fillers but stairs? Who has an entire blog post dedicated to a flight of stairs? :P

Well, remember the state of our stairs before renovation?

The railings were weak from old age and compounded by termite damage, were pretty unsafe to be used. Here are some old pictures to jostle your memory:


# – Kampung style.

# – Don’t use the railings or this might probably be your last view before falling over and die.


When the railings and floorings were finally ripped out, we breathed a sigh of relief.

# – All gone!


# – Installing the treads. The flooring contractor gave us a little heart attack because they were covering up the risers as well when we had informed them not to. If you looked closely, you can see some nasty glue stain on the riser because we were making them removed all the flooring :P

Well, while writing this post I found myself stumped because I had no idea how to describe the different parts of a staircase. So I did some googling and discovered this very useful illustration:

# – Now you know why I know how to use the words “tread” and “riser” :P


It took us forever to decide on a railing design. We wanted something timeless, easy to clean and sturdy. We finally found something we liked on Google Images and showed it to our contractor.

He actually made some improvements on the design we gave him. For instance, he made the circular base and baluster (refer to illustration above) into a single piece. Some people cover the baluster base with screwed on caps which might get loose in the long run so I’m really thankful that my contractor had thought ahead for us :)

# – Positioning the railings before the painting. Notice the baluster with circular base on the left of the picture?


And now after a paint job, the railings are finally installed!

# – Our staircase.

# – Our staircase. Again.

The transformation is quite drastic and I’m very, very happy with the final results :)

# – Before and After.

So there, an entire blog post about my stairs. Happy renovating!