I woke up really late today. And the first thing that greeted me was nasty pungent air. Charlie did a number one on the sofa, on ST‘s favourite seat, no less. I didn’t even notice it at first cause our sofa’s are yellow in colour but I could see urine footsteps all over the house. FML.

Tried to soak out as much liquid from the cushion with paper towels but there’s nothing much I could do. Sprayed it with a lot of Dettol antibacterial spray and Febreze then put it out in the sun. I can’t smell the piss anymore but I may have just gotten used to it.

Got down on my knees to scrub the damn cushion cover. Have I mentioned it’s yellow? Thank heavens! Soaked it in detergent for 3 hours before giving it another scrub. The entire time an unidentified voice was telling me to ditch the cushion and cover. But I scrubbed on…

After that, I let Charlie out of his cage and apologised to him for not waking up earlier to let him out. No bad dogs, only bad owners :(

Yeap, what an interesting day I had, wasn’t it?