Happy Diwali and have a good weekend!

Happy Diwali to all my Hindu readers and friends! Have a fantastic holiday :D

Was supposed to have lunch together with Suan and Kerol at Sushi Zanmai. All of us reached restaurant at the same time, they at Sunway Pyramid and we at 1Utama -_-

Planning major fail. We ended up having lunch at this new sushi joint called Sushi Q and it’s surprisingly decent. Really not bad for a self service place, the sashimi was fresh and lobster roll for only RM9.80!

# – Sushi from Sushi Q.

We then decided to join the girls at Sunway Pyramid as BF had never been there since it’s refurbishment. While on the way, was terrified by the number of tweets warning against going to Pyramid due to no parking space but to our delight, we found one as soon as we entered and it’s very near to the mall entrance :D Win!

I sort of broke my no shopping policy as I found this layered chiffon dress in navy that fits me like a glove. For less than RM70, of course yours truly got it!

# – OMG I shopped!!

I’m blogging from Digital Mall now, waiting for Kerol to settle some of her computer issues. Poor girl has her computer, external harddrive and blackberry gone berserk all in 2 days. Give her some love please!

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