Imaginary bun in the oven.

Okay, I didn’t even tweet about what I was worried about because I was not sure what I might do if I did get pregnant. I’ve had regular periods since I was 12. They were often annoying and painful but never failed to show up. Last month I had a particularly bad episode so a big part of me was casually hoping I’d never get another period in my life. They say, becareful of what your wished for.

1st week passed, 2nd week passed, 3rd week passed, 4th week passed. No sign of Aunt Flo. No sore breasts, no aching pelvic, nothing. And I’ve been in a ridiculously great mood too. And I’ve been eating for Africa. WTF??? I tried to recall whether we had been idiots? My memory was sketchy at best. I started to get really worried.

BF asked me to get a pregnancy test kit. I went to the pharmacy to check them out but didn’t buy any in the end cause I was scared shitless. I started imagining having a kid. No offense to parents, but oh gawd it’s so awful. I am just so not in the right frame of mind. I admit it, flabby belly and armpit discoloration. Two things that are synonymous with pregnancy to me. I want to get a wardrobe and shoe overhaul soon and I CAN’T be stocking up with maternity stuff! I can’t convert my activity room at the new house into a baby room! JUST AWFUL!! AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL!

Was feeling especially tired today. Ran a lot of errands and finally got home to take a power nap before heading to a party. I slept through the alarm, but got woken up by a wet sensation down under. I had a dreamless sleep so it couldn’t be a naughty dream.

Went to the toilet, checked my undies.

Glad I didn’t waste money on a pregnancy test kit.

14 thoughts on “Imaginary bun in the oven.”

  1. I can’t imagine if I was pregnant. TOTALLY not in the right frame of mind. Still don’t even like kids. No, not one bit.

    1. aud: skin on armpits develops hyperpigmentation due to hormonal changes leading to dark pits. Takes a long time to fade even after giving birth. Intensity varies from woman to woman :P

      mell: same!!! I’m not very good with kids…

  2. shari: uwah notti notti girl! hehe

    imantulen: not really, sakit wanita. FML

    boo: i think that’s called a miscarriage.

    shimmers: phew!!! same with me. an ideal kid would be one that doesn’t cry, doesn’t demand and doesn’t talk, errr and stay 11 years old forever (u can leave them home alone with no much worries lol)

    vincent: such as life! i wanna be a man!

  3. had that scare once – got a kit – peed on the stick……………and was unlucky. So now I have a kid and am a single parent. But oh well, despite being paedophobic throughout my life, I’ve now changed in accordance with circumstances. things are fine =)

  4. You’re a great blogger and a lot of young(er) people are following your blogs and for all you know, your footsteps.

    Becoming pregnant and having a child is not a joke. Yeah, they’d cause major damage to your decor and yes, they’re a definite spanner in the works. You WERE one of those once: a baby, a toddler, a teenager and now, a young woman.

    And your parents *are* proud of you. No matter what you do, they always will be. You are their baby.

    I hope that you’ll take this scare to be more careful next time. As a blogger and a celeb, remember this from Mr. Spidey: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

    Nicole – My hat’s off to you. It must have been a truly tough decision to make. Good of you to share that babies and kids are not as dreadful as they sound!

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