Heineken Life Below Zero

Couldn’t help but laughed when I received an invitation to Heineken Extra Cold Beer Launch at Velvet Underground. I mean, seriously, I have a category called “Alcoholic Faux Pas” in my blog for goodness’ sake.

I’m not exactly the best drinker in the world. But you got to love me for my passion, you know what I mean….I may not be able to hold down more than two drinks but I sure do enjoy drinking, while I could still hold my head up that is. And man, girl here can never ever resist a free flow ;)

And I did enjoy my time at the party.

Heineken Extra Cold Beer.
Heineken Extra Cold Beer.

Joey G was the host, as usual. He’s practically everywhere eh? I really don’t mind him, he’s really good at what he does and he’s got the looks to boot.

Joey G hosts Life Below Zero Party
Joey G.

The launching of Extra Cold Beer.
The launch.

Our eyes glistened at the sight of 6 fridges fully stocked with Heineken Extra Cold. Yuuuummmy!

Hot girls to hand out cold beers.
Hot girls to hand out the cold beers.

Kimberlycun with Heineken Extra Cold Beer.
On my first bottle of Heineken Extra Cold…

The party heated up…

Trying to get Tim to dance.
Dancing with Tim. Man’s got the moves…

I got pretty tipsy after the first bottle and apparently I was jumping around like a monkey or something. The Heineken beer tasted so good at such low temperature (0 Celsius – 3 Celsius).

Kimberlycun dances like a monkey.
Doing the monkey moves.

Joey G was conducting a pop quiz at some point and I won a black Heineken shawl. ST told me I gave the wrong answer, but who cares…it’s the spirit that counts! Thanks Joey G!

Black Heineken pashmina.
Me and my prized shawl.

With hottie, Joey G.
With hottie, Joey G.

So I had tonnes of fun, well, I always do when I had alcohol in my blood stream, hehehe.

p/s: Thanks ST for most of the pictures here. Dude’s an awesome photographer, you must absolutely get him for any of your photography need.

Read about Heineken Extra Cold at:


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