Loads of monkeys.

My dad’s friend invited us to Klang to savour a fish called “lon tun”. Dad said it’s actually a garouper, I don’t know…I’m really bad at identifying fish. It took me a while to master ordering vegetable dishes in chinese restaurants, it’ll probably take me forever to get the hang of ordering fish. I don’t really dare to order fish cause I’m terrified of getting ripped off.

Anyway, the fish was made into a soup with ginger, boxthorn berries and rice wine….yummy.

Lontun fish.
Lon Tun.

Fish soup with boxthorn berries.
Fish soup with boxthorn berries.

After lunch, my Dad’s friend decided to take us for a tour. We drove about an hour to Kuala Selangor to check out Bukit Melawati. I’ve never heard about the place so I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a number of tourists there.

There’s a gigantic tram that took us up the hill. Pretty nice view, could see the Straits from up there.

Bukit Melawati tram.
The gigantic tram.

The tram dropped us at a spot where it was practically infested were monkeys. There were monkeys everywhere. There were people selling groundnuts for feeding the monkeys. It was quite a sight.

The monkeys were quite tame. All they wanted was to eat loads and loads and loads of groundnuts and they couldn’t be bothered with people sticking their cameras in their faces.

Monkey feeding.

Row of monkeys.
A row of monkeys.

Mom feeding monkeys.
Mom feeding one.

The tram return to pick us up. End of tour. I thought they could have thrown in a couple of historical descriptions. But nada, just monkeys.


I’m really bored. Unreasonable frustrations with I don’t know even what. Just feel like doing target practice with an axe on the street.