What’s annoying is that I spent RM200 on a gorgeous pair of metallic gold shoes and they pinched and ate into my poor feet like a disease. Hurt so fucking bad. Poor feet…

I should have known when she said they were exclusively designed here but made in China. The operative word here is, “China”.

God, I’m such a sucker sometimes.

I’ve never worn a single pair of disposable Vincci that fucked up my feet. Not even the sky high stilettos. Boo said that’s because I have a pair of generic feet and they have to make do with generic shoes. I know….he thinks he’s so subtle, right?

But my feet was hurting so bad I could barely move, let alone throw a punch.

I guess it’s back to disposable footwear for me. Damn…


I told you I was disturbed. Not a word of kindness from you. Not one single fucking word.

I didn’t see it. Fucking reply of the year, man.

A hug? You don’t deserve it, man.

You don’t even have rights to get upset at me because I have all the reasons to be disappointed with you.

Birdshit Mobile

That’s the new name of my car. My boo gave it to her.

I can’t really remember. It could be 7 or 8 weeks that I haven’t washed it. It’s not me…it’s the rain. Why wash the car when you’ve got rain everyday. Nature is the best cleaner aye.

Not so keen on the bird droppings though. The damn poops are crazy stubborn!

Sometimes these days, I would freak out thinking my car has been stolen, except that it’s not stolen. It’s right where it was parked, kept warm by a layer of dusts…giving it a new shade of silver.

Birdshit Mobile. Rolls off the tongue like butter.