Must have feeling one.

I-Lynn’s in town so me and Ie-Tsen decided to put her on a steady diet of Malaysian food considering the poor thing has been eating practically cardboards in Singapore for the past few months. All the food we fed her seemed amazingly salty to her and who could blame her…

I was so horrified when the poor girl exclaimed in excitement upon seeing Dunkin Donuts. I forbade her from buying anything from there and promptly took her to Big Apple Donuts.

Obviously, the pictures of her chomping the donuts in pleasure are just too explicit to be posted here.

Ie-Tsen and I-Lynn
Ie-Tsen and I-Lynn.

I-Lynn and Kim.
I-Lynn and Kim.

I-Lynn is single, intelligent, incredibly gorgeous and available. Paper qualifications are a must of course, but according to I-Lynn, “feeling” (say it with a Hong Kong drawl please) is of utmost importance.

Please enquire within.